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What is an ITM?

ITMs are Interactive Teller Machines. They allow you to connect with a live teller to assist you, assisting you with nearly everything you would in a traditional branch setting. You can also opt to fly solo and use the ITM as an ATM to complete your necessary banking on your own.

How to use an ITM

Using an ITM is very simple, you just follow the directions on the screen. Watch the video below for more in-depth instructions.

Why use ITMs

Global is always looking for ways to improve the member experience. Flexibility and options to bank at your convenience are continual requests of our Members. ITMs have extended hours in case you can’t get to a bank during traditional banking hours.

The power to bank from your vehicle allows you to avoid waking the baby sleeping in the back or leaving your fur friend in your car during extreme weather conditions.

Say you still need to pay your friend back for those movie ticket he bought? It’s easy. Withdraw cash in a wider range of denominations from the live teller than you can from using an ATM.

Visit any one of our ITMs and experience the power of convenience!

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Monday - Saturday: 8AM to 6PM

After much research and asking our members how we could better serve them, Global introduced ITMs in 2019.

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