Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some of the most frequent questions we get from business members.

Yes. Your organization or association can qualify at any branch and take advantage of business checking and depository services. Nonprofit organizations using Global's business checking account will have the $5 monthly maintenance fee automatically waived, regardless of balance.

The specific documentation required to open a business account is based on the type of business or organization. 

Yes, but becoming a member of Global is easy! Just call the Member Service Center at 800-525-9094 or visit any branch to learn how you can join.

Your company or organization could also join Global's field of membership, allowing your employees or members to automatically qualify for membership.

If you are an Global member and the business loan will be in your name you do not need a new account. If you want the loan made in your business name, the business must have an active account at Global.

For business style check orders or reorder, please contact Deluxe directly at 800-252-3414 or visit the Deluxe website.

Order checks at Deluxe


For personal style checks or business deposit tickets, place your order online, by visiting any branch, or by calling the Member Service Center at 800-525-9094.

There is no specific account designation, however nonprofit organizations and associations using Global's business checking account will automatically have the $5 monthly maintenance fee waived, even if the account balance falls below $1,000 during the calendar month. This maintenance fee waiver does not apply to nonprofit corporations.

While some states have legalized marijuana the Federal Government continues to classify marijuana as a controlled substance. Since Global is federally chartered and federally insured, we do not allow for business accounts that engage in, or personal accounts that are directly involved in the ongoing operations of a marijuana related business or dispensary.