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If you’re found to be ‘at fault’ for an accident or injury, your car or home insurance may not be enough to protect you. A judgment against you could have a negative impact on your finances for years to come if it’s larger than the liability limits of your existing insurance policies.

An umbrella insurance policy provides additional liability coverage, protecting you from bodily injury and property damage liability as well as personal liability claims if you’re sued. Umbrella insurance takes over when your other insurance policies reach their coverage limit.

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At Global Insurance Brokers, we work for you—not for the insurance companies. We’re here to ensure you get the coverage that’s right for you. Our team will:

  • Discuss your situation and provide personalized advice
  • Help you identify the insurance policies that best meet your needs
  • Find you that coverage at the best possible price

An umbrella policy might cover more than you expect.

  • Legal fees if someone sues you
  • If you are found responsible for damages or accidents caused by a guest at your home
  • Medical expenses if your dog bites another person or pet
  • Liability if you’re a party to a lawsuit against a charitable organization where you volunteer or serve on the board
  • Liability for accidents that occur when you’ve rented a recreational item, such as a jet ski or a scooter

Umbrella insurance may be a good idea if you:

  • Have pets, especially dogs
  • Drive a carpool or have teenage drivers
  • Have a swimming pool, a tree house, a boat dock, or a trampoline
  • Own multiple properties, including rental units or vacant land
  • Have savings or investments that you want to protect
  • Own or operate recreational vehicles such as ATVs

If you’re not sure whether some aspects of your lifestyle might increase your exposure, our agents can help you assess your risk.

In addition to an umbrella insurance policy, you could also consider adding excess liability coverage to one of your existing policies. Excess liability policies only provide additional coverage and higher liability limits for policies you already have in place, like your home or car insurance.

An umbrella insurance policy is not tied to an existing policy. That means it can provide higher liability limits and broader coverage for things that your existing policies might not cover.

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dad and daughter playing guitar

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“I recently had to replace my car insurance provider that I had for over 30 years. Then found out Global has insurance brokers (why didn’t I think of this before?). One broker contacted me about a day after my inquiry. Now we have insurance for both our cars, home, personal, and umbrella!”


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