Positive pay check fraud prevention

Say yes to checks

Automated fraud prevention gives you one less thing to worry about.

Reduce the risk of losing money to fraudulent check activity.

Positive Pay is an automated service that matches the amount, date, check number, and payee name to ensure the check is valid once presented to Global. If the check information does not match the issued check file provided or the payee name has been altered, the check will be returned as an exception, and you have the option to pay or return.

You can complete the Online Services Application to start the enrollment process. Positive Pay requires checks to be printed. Hand-written checks are not eligible. Additional fees may apply.

The business uploads an issued check file through online banking before the checks are distributed. The issued check file contains the check number, payee name, amount, and date to match against the physical item once negotiated. If the check information does not match, Positive Pay creates an email exception for the Business to review. The Business then has the option to pay or return the exception.

Yes, payee match is an optional feature for businesses.

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