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November 2018
Autumn Bunton portrait

Autumn Bunton

Autumn Bunton was born in Spokane Washington in 1980, raised on a farm that her family homesteaded in the 1800s. Always interested in the antiques and curiosities found around the family farm; Autumn started to create art with whatever she could find, using watercolors, plants, and various odds and ends. This all came in addition to cooking and tending to livestock; which filled her years on the farm.

As a young lady, Autumn’s great grandmother introduced her to oil painting, which she enjoyed well into her adult years and helped to give her a foundation for underglazing and sculpting. Autumn is married and has three boys at home, and when her children were young she felt that oil paints where not entirely safe to have around. Deciding to sign up for a pottery class, she knew right away she had found her passion.

As her skills developed, she began carving and painting on her wares; incorporating her love of painting with her new love of clay. Her latest work has a mid-century style, but her work is always changing form. She and five other potter’s founded the Urban Art Coop in 2014, and its thriving condition coincides with creating art around some of her favorite people. Autumn’s hope now; is that she makes your favorite mug.

Find more of her work on Instagram, Etsy and FB under the handle Goblin Pottery

Etsy : Goblinpottery
Instagram : @goblinpottery
Facebook : Goblin Pottery

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