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March 2019
Nick Malara photo

Nick Malara

Check out March's Tiny Treasure, Nick Malara. "I was a strange kid growing up in Denver who liked comics and cartoons. I loved to draw pictures of stories and creatures I carried around in my head. That's a habit I never grew out of. It became such a problem as I approached adulthood that I decided to make a career out of it. I was eager to get started. I earned a BFA in illustration in just over 2 years.

My experience then led me into product development, advertising, apparel design, children's book illustration and game design just to name a few things. After nineteen years doing all that, I find myself working in Spokane as an Art Director / Animator at Seven2 in Spokane WA. Along for the ride are my wife and two children who are extremely patient with me most of the time! It's all been mostly pretty awesome."

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Website :
Instagram : @nicholasmalara
Facebook : Nicholas Malara

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