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September 2019
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Kathryn Smith

Kathryn (Kat) Smith moved to Spokane in 2002 to pursue her MFA in creative writing at Eastern Washington University. A poet by education and the author of two poetry collections, Kat started making mixed media art a few years ago as an extension of her literary work. Her collages, carved books, visual poems, found object assemblage, and embroidery pieces walk the line between poetry and visual art, using words, images, and textures to tell a story. She also makes hand-bound journals using vintage book covers and old game boards, which she sells locally at From Here and in her Etsy shop, Other interests and obsessions that often make their way into Kat’s work include old maps, wasp nests, outdated science textbooks, handmade ink, insects, sewing patterns, and other vintage ephemera. Her collage and mixed media work has been/will be shown locally at Terrain and in the Terrain Gallery, the Chase Gallery (upcoming this fall), and the Spokane Public Library. Her poetry has received awards from Spokane Arts (SAGA) and the Allied Arts Foundation, and has been published widely. Her poetry website is, and she posts artwork and poetry on Instagram as @paperhermitage.

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Instagram : @paperhermitage
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