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5 Popular car insurance add-ons

Requirements for car insurance can be as individual as the car you drive. Which options are right for you?

Key takeaways:

  • Everyone has different car insurance needs, but you may want to consider these car insurance options that provide coverage beyond the bare basics.
  • Consider your needs and your budget when evaluating coverage options; you may be surprised to learn how affordable extra protection can be.
  • A good insurance broker can price options and make recommendations for you.


When it comes to car insurance, everyone has different needs. Most states have minimum requirements for liability coverage, but you may want to consider coverage options that go beyond the basics. Some options provide better financial protection while others are simply designed to make life easier and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.


Consider your needs and your budget when evaluating these car insurance options.

1. Roadside assistance

This option covers costs when your car breaks down, paying for things like towing, flat tire changes, dead battery jumpstart, bringing you gas if you run out, or lockout assistance. This is particularly helpful coverage if your vehicle is older, if you commute regularly, or if you travel frequently.


2. Rental reimbursement

If you need a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired after an accident or other covered incident, this option covers the cost, up to an amount specified in the policy. If you don’t have access to another vehicle while yours is in the shop, this coverage could pay for itself after just one incident. 


3. New vehicle replacement coverage

If your car is less than a year old and is declared a total loss from an accident or another incident such as theft, fire, or flood, you could benefit from New Vehicle Replacement coverage. Typically, auto insurance will reimburse you for just the depreciated value of your old car, but this feature makes up the difference by providing you with funds for a brand new car of similar make and model as the totaled vehicle.


4. Diminishing deductible

If you have a good record as a safe driver, you may want to consider a Diminishing Deductible program. A deductible is the amount of money you must pay before your regular auto insurance coverage takes over to cover cost of repairs under your collision or comprehensive coverage. The Diminishing Deductible option rewards certain claims-free activity with a deductible which decreases over time to a specified amount. This means that if you eventually have a claim, you’ll have a lower deductible to pay.

Did you know?

The rates you pay for auto insurance are partially determined by how you use your vehicle. If your vehicle use has changed and you drive fewer miles each year because of a job change or retirement, you could save money.


5. Umbrella liability coverage

Sometimes you need extra insurance that goes beyond the limits of your regular auto liability coverage. Umbrella insurance gives you an extra layer of protection if you are sued resulting from a car accident. An umbrella policy can also provide you with protection over other insurance policies such as homeowners, recreational vehicle, motorcycle, or boat.

Did you know?

Looking for ways to save? If you insure all your vehicles under one policy, if you bundle your auto and your homeowners’ insurance together, or if your student does well in school, you could qualify for auto insurance discounts.

The right protection makes life easier

How much and what types of car insurance coverage do you need? Most people need more than the minimums required by state law. Consider your needs and your budget when evaluating coverage options. You may be surprised to learn how affordable extra protection can be.

Global Credit Union Insurance Brokers offers insurance options that provide extra protection, simply designed to make life easier. 

A good insurance broker can make recommendations that work best for you. Request a quote and we'll help you get started.

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