ATM & Debit

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some of the most frequent questions about ATMs and Debit Cards that we get from members.

Your new ATM or Visa® Debit Card must be activated before use. You can activate your card in several ways:

Activate your ATM or debit card

Activate online
  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click on the Account Services tab
  3. Select the Activate Card link
  4. Enter your card number and click Submit Activation Request
Activate by phone

Call 866-281-6296 and follow the instructions

Call the Member Service Center
  1. Call 800-525-9094 or 907-563-4567
  2. Have your card ready to verify with the member service representative.
Activate your Visa Credit Card

To activate your new or replacement Visa Credit Card call 800-543-5073.

You can change or personalize the PIN for your Global ATM or Visa Debit Card online or at an ATM.


  • Log in to your account, click on the "Account Services" tab, and select the "Change Debit/ATM Card PIN" option.
  • Business Edition users click the "Services" tab instead.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to enter your new PIN. You will receive confirmation that your PIN has been changed.

Global ATMs

  • Insert your ATM or Visa Debit Card into any Global ATM and enter your current PIN.
  • Select 'Change PIN' from the menu of options.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to enter your new PIN.
  • You will receive confirmation that your PIN has been changed.

Remember to keep your new PIN safe; never write your PIN on your card or store it with or near your card.

All participating ATMs are listed on our Branch and ATM locator. 

ATMs that participate in the Allpoint Network should also include a green Allpoint Network logo on the ATM. However, Allpoint continues to add ATMs to their network all the time and it may take several weeks before the logo is added to the machine.


There is no limit to the number of ATM transactions you can perform. There is a daily withdrawal limit of $1515 per card.

Yes, almost all Global ATMs offer depository services. In addition, you can use Remote Deposit in the Global app to deposit checks, or by visiting any branch or shared branch location.

All Global debit cards have a daily withdrawal limit of $1515.

ATM preferences saves you time by allowing you to create a customized "Fast Cash" withdrawal amount and establish a default preference for receipt printing. Establishing ATM preferences is easy! After swiping your card and entering your PIN, select "ATM Preferences" and complete the onscreen prompts.

If there is an error or discrepancy with your ATM transaction please call the Member Service Center 24/7 at 800-525-9094.

We are sorry to hear you were assessed a fee while using an approved ATM. To request a refund, please call the Member Service Center 24/7 at 800-525-9094.

Helpful Hint: Some members think they were charged a fee when, in fact, they were not. This is because some AllPoint Network ATMs have a technical limitation that forces the "surcharge message" screen to display even though it is an approved ATM. To verify if you were charged a fee review the ATM transaction receipt or your account history online.

Yes. You have access to ATMs worldwide. Check our locator for a surcharge-free ATM near you.

The machine will most likely dispense in the local currency. Your account will be debited the U.S. dollar amount. Please note that your debit card's daily withdrawal limit is $1515 in U.S. dollars.