Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is a chance to help millions of small businesses in America grow their sales and gain new customers over the holiday season.

What is Small Business Saturday?

Small Business Saturday is designed to increase visits to local businesses that might only be located in your community, and may even be completely unique to your neighborhood.

Money that you spend at small businesses goes right back into the local economy. The Anderson Study of Retail Economics has shown that for every $100 spent locally, it creates $68 of local economic activity. That same $100 spent at a national chain produced only $43 of local economic impact.

When you buy local, you may be supporting more than one local business. For example, when you purchase a cup of coffee from your neighborhood shop, they may get their coffee beans from a local distributor and roaster. You’re also supporting the artist displaying their work on the walls of the coffee shop, and the musician who shows up on the weekend to play music.

The more you frequent your local shops, the more shop owners and staff get to know you and can offer personalized service based on your individual needs, or find products that you might be interested in.

Purchasing locally also helps keep neighborhoods interesting. Many smaller stores even offer products that larger stores won’t carry, items that might be completely unique or handmade. Imagine if every single business in your community was a major national chain store. Things would start to look pretty boring—and the food options would get old pretty quickly.

What are you going to purchase on Small Business Saturday? Share and support local businesses by tagging them on social media. #SmallBusinessSaturday

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