Own a piece of the landscape

Buy a piece of land for the cabin or vacation home you’ve always dreamed of with a property loan.

Like hunting or just hanging out in the great outdoors? Imagine having your own private piece of recreational land to spend your free time in.


Why should I get a property loan?

Recreational land is a surprisingly affordable investment—not to mention one that can bring you a great amount of joy. Depending on where and how big your property is, you could enjoy hunting, ATVs, snowmachining, or however you like to spend time in and around nature. Think of the property as a blank canvas for you to develop as you'd like. Want a cabin? Go for it! Prefer to keep it as wild as possible? It’s your land, so almost anything goes!

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Two bikers on a hill looking out over the mountains.
Two bikers on a hill looking out over the mountains.

What else should I know?

  • Eligible recreational property must be accessible by road from a major population center, or accessible by water from a public launch site using small watercraft on a navigable waterway. Fly-in locations or properties located long distances from the launch site or across unprotected water do not qualify.
  • May include a loan processing fee, title insurance policy (varies depending on loan amount), appraisal fee or plat map, as-built survey, and an escrow closing fee (for purchases only; varies depending on loan amount).
  • Hazard insurance and/or flood insurance may be required if you are financing a structure in addition to land.

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