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Youth Month Science of Savings

Global Junior Citizen

Junior savings account to save, spend, share

At Global, everyone under the age of 17, who opens an account is automatically enrolled in our Junior Citizen Program.

With every deposit, Junior Citizens have the opportunity to give back to their community by donating a token to one of three charities and receive a moonjar at account opening. Moonjars teach the importance of money management through a save, spend, share philosophy.

Additional benefits

Mini Citizens Club
Newborn to age 1

Start a savings account for your child or grandchild.

  • No membership fee*
  • $10 gift deposit from Global*
  • Stork certificate keepsake

Junior Citizens Club
Ages 1 - 13

Encouraging our young Junior Citizens to save and budget their money.

  • No membership fee**
  • Receive a Moonjar at account opening


*If account is opened with a minimum deposit of $25.
**If account is opened with a minimum $5 deposit or grandfathered in from Mini Citizens Club.

Global is here to help you save, spend, share

Experience the difference of credit union membership. When you join Global you're more than a customer, you're a member and an owner. Global is here to help grow your dreams and your business.


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