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Are you looking for a financial institution that puts your needs first? Then make the switch to Global Credit Union today.

Every member is an owner, and that means you

At a credit union you are a member, not a customer. There’s no question whose interests will be served.

Credit unions give back to their communities

Credit unions are invested in their local communities through financial education and counseling services. We also help local economies thrive through small business lending.

Credit unions save you money

Because credit unions are not-for-profit we have lower costs and pass those savings onto members. Last year, we saved our members over $8.5 million just in loan interest. Imagine how much you can save on all of your accounts!

If you're ready to switch here's what you'll need to do:

  • 1. Open your account with us. Click here for our contact info.
  • 2. Close your old account(s). Contact your old financial institution(s) to have your funds sent to you and close your account. You'll want to have your old account info including account numbers handy in order to close the account(s).
  • 3. Update Automatic Payments and Deposits. Make a list of any automated debits or direct deposits you had to/from the old account. Then contact those companies to give them your new account info or, better yet, check out our awesome ePay service to track and pay your all your creditors.

If you have:

  • Direct Deposit of your paycheck: you can usually give them your new account number and our routing number to switch the deposit to your new account.
  • Social Security: contact the SSA at 800.772.1213 or www.ssa.gov.
  • Military Direct Deposit: visit myPay.
  • Online Bill Payment: some bill payment services allow you to export your payee information so you won't have to gather all of that info again. But be sure to cancel each payee and set up with Global's ePay immediately so you don't miss a payment.

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