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Our 24-hour Telephone Teller

Global's Simple Telephone Audio Response System (STARS) is the perfect way to manage your accounts using any touch-tone phone, 24 hours a day. You can be your own teller, performing a variety of transactions including balance inquiries, account histories and transfers. Information on any share or loan listed on your statement, as well as certificates and IRAs, is just a phone call away. To sign up for STARS, call one of our member services representatives. You'll choose a personal access code which you'll use with your account number to access your information. We'll send you all the information you'll need to navigate your way through the system. This free service is an easy way to access important financial information-when it's convenient for you.

STARS Service Code List

Call (509) 838-2016 or (800) 829-8355

Steps to use STARS

Call (509) 838-2016 or (800) 829-TELL. STARS will ask for your account number and access code. Enter your six-digit account number, followed by your four-digit access code, and the # symbol. STARS will ask for your service code. Select the proper code from the list and enter it, followed by the # symbol. Follow prompts given by STARS.


Enter dates numerically month first, day second, year third. Example: January 1, 2003 would be entered 010103#. Dollar amounts must be entered with all zeroes, without punctuation. Example: $250 would be entered 25000#, $75.50 would be entered 7550#. Any share or loan listed on your statement can be accessed via STARS, including certificates and IRAs. If you are unsure of your share or loan ID numbers, either: Check your last statement and get a current list, or Use the service codes "open account balance list" (05) and "open loan balance list" (06) to get current share and loan ID lists.

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