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This is the most basic part of your Global membership. As long as you maintain an active savings account, you are a Global member for life. Earn competitive rates, have convenient access to your funds and enjoy peace of mind, as accounts are insured by NCUA for up to $250,000. View our Schedule of Fees and Charges for the one-time new membership fee.


  • Available for overdraft protection
  • Allows for unlimited deposits
  • Provides Automated Teller Machine access with $300 daily limit
  • Withdrawals may be made via STARS your 24-Hour Telephone Teller
  • Withdrawals may be made via eBranch
  • Funds can be used for a share secured loan

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Experience the difference of credit union membership. When you join Global you're more than a customer, you're a member and an owner. Your membership gives you access to a suite of products designed with you in mind.

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