Business Advantage ePay

The quick, easy and FREE way to pay your bills online!

With Advantage ePay you can pay all of your bills with the click of a mouse. And, you can relax, knowing that your bill will be paid on-time.

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We guarantee it up to $25,000!

Online Banking Services
  • Pay from checking or savings account
  • Pay multiple merchants with one click
  • Most new payees can be paid immediately
  • Add and edit your payees easily
  • Set up single or recurring payments
  • View and edit pending payments
  • Export your payment history to Quicken or Microsoft Money™
Other Online Services
To get started just log on to eBranch and click ePay.

Business Advantage ePay is only $5.95 a month for the first 10 payments. After 10 payments a .50 per item fee will be charged.
Please see the Payment Guarantee for more information.
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