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Tips to Save and Protect Your Money When Traveling

Do you have a great summer vacation coming up? Or, maybe you're just getting ready to plan your trip. We've got some travel tips to help ensure you spend your vacation having fun and not worrying about money mishaps.

Don't carry more than $100 in cash

Unless you're traveling in an area that have no ATMs, try to limit your cash on hand to $100 or less. A large wad of cash can attract thieves and can't be replaced if lost or stolen.

Use credit, not debit,cards for reservations

When booking travel arrangements such as hotel and rental cars, use your credit card not your debit card. This providesyou protection in a couple of ways:

Notify your financial institution(s) before traveling

Imagine checking into a hotel only to find out your credit card accounts have been frozen. Your card issuer will often block your card if unusual activity appears on your account. This is to help protect you and minimize possible fraudulent activity. So, be sure to call your credit and debit card issuers ahead of time to let them know you'll be out of town--especially if it's an international trip. That way, you won't be blocked from using your credit cards when you need them most.

Carry a second fake wallet

Put a few dollars in a second wallet. If you are the victim of theft you can hand over that instead of your real wallet.

Keep a list of phone numbers

Make a list of the account numbers and customer service numbers of the credit and debit cards you plan on taking with you. Keep it in a safe place in your hotel room and/or give a copy to a trusted friend or family member. That way, if your cards are lost or stolen you will be able to contact your card companies quickly and easily.