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Spare Change Equals College Fund


It's a sunny day in March as members Jackie and George S. walk into the Third Avenue Global Credit Union branch in Spokane with two kitty litter containers. As you can imagine, the tellers looked a bit puzzled as George hoisted the obviously heavy containers onto the counter.

It turns out those 35 lb containers are handy for collecting change . . . over $900 worth, in fact. Jackie has been a Global members since she was about 16 years old and she's learned a thing or two about savvy saving. So when George's mom decided to start collecting change when her grandkids were born, Jackie and George did too.

Each day, all of their spare change gets dropped into these containers. While these buckets have been building for the last 3 years or so, they had a similar deposit from another stash last year for over $600.

As you can see, spare change really does add up.

So what are these savvy savers doing with the money? They've developed a sweet little college fund for their sons Dylan, 7, and Caden, 3.

Jackie and George were a little perplexed we were so impressed with their story. They've made saving such a habit that it just seems natural. Sometimes it's those little tips you hear from your friends, family or neigbhors that help make your own money management just a little easier. We found their story inspiring and hope you will too.