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Tips for saving money

Pay off Your Mortgage Sooner

Did you know you can save thousands of dollars of interest and pay off your mortgage up to 7 years early just by making one additional mortgage payment each year?

Avoiding Debt

Did you know the average college student will graduate with more than $12,000 in debt? What’s your plan? A solid budget can help you avoid the debt trap and build long-term financial success.

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Saving Made Easy

Got spare change in your pocket? It could help you grow your savings account. When you make purchases with cash, use bills only and keep your coins. Then, cash in your coins once a year for a sizable deposit to your savings account, or use the money for a special splurge. It's an easy way to save and you'll never miss the money.

Protect Your Purchases

Make purchases using your debit or credit card to ensure you get what you paid for. If you didn't, these cards offer some protections to help you get your money back. Find out more here.

Protect Yourself from Fraud

Sign your credit and debit cards with permanent ink as soon as you receive them. Don't sign "See ID" or leave the signature panel blank. That makes it easy for identity thieves to use your card with a fake ID. For more tips to avoid fraud click here.

Credit Score

Did you know your first credit account is the most important? Because a significant portion of the credit score is based on length of history, keeping your oldest credit card account open can help you maintain a healthy credit score.

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Jump Start Your Savings

Deposit your income tax refund into your savings account. Then, keep it going by adding to it each payday through payroll deduction.

Have Your Coffee and Drink It Too

I'm into coffees-everyday! So I downsized-instead of the large I get the medium. In my purse I have an envelope that I put the difference into. So far . . . Cha-Ching! Yes mom, I can have my coffee and drink it too!
Submitted by Caren M. Spokane, WA

Send Yourself a Bill

When it's time to pay the bills, pay yourself too. But you don't need the post office to deliver. Set up an automatic transfer or direct deposit to your savings account each month and watch your savings grow!

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