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Jesse Pierpoint


Jesse Pierpoint is a local artist working in mixed media to develop layered compositions using paper, acrylic and spray paint. Combining his graphic design and fine arts background, Jesse integrates a mix of typography, patterns and the occasional Garbage Pail Kid card into his work.

Jesse started a branding and design company within two years of graduating college and was teaching college-level design two years after that. Since 2010, Jesse has been Creative Director of Seven2, a digital agency in Spokane. Years of live-painting for non-profit fundraisers and a past that involved college-level athletics gave him the idea for a friendly competition between artists. In 2011, he launched the Seven2 DrawOff, a series of 3-on-3 live-drawing battles that support local charities.

When not live-painting, Jesse works from his basement studio, where he also hosts an 18-year artist residency program currently occupied by his three children.

To learn more visitjessepierpoint.com

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